Hello My lovies , the weather here in London today is not the best but I am chilling indoors with some chicken and catching up with some shows on Netflix .

What is that one food that you you can not stop eating or always have in your fridge? For me it was Jollof Rice(Story Time for another day) . so since I decided to loose some weight and stay healthy , this for me has changed to spicy chicken ( Peppered Meat like my Nigerian family will call it ).

This is something you will find in my fridge 90% of the time come rain come sunshine . I would normally have this with some salads , cheesy cauliflower , couscous , on its own  ETC .


Here is how I make it

To Boil chicken

  • Hard Chicken ( 1 whole)
  • Glove of Garlic
  • Ginger (One teaspoon )
  • Seasoning Cubes X2
  • Onions ( 1 Large )
  • salt
  • Dried shallot/Onions (One Teaspoon each)
  • Curry/Thyme

For the sauce 

  • Fresh scotch Bonet pepper
  • Red Bell peppers
  • Onions
  • seasoning Cubes
  • Pinch of dried Prawns
  • Olive Oil( You can opt to use Vegetable oil)


Boil your meat with the listed spices ( to suit your taste ) until tender ,once this is cooked put in the oven to dry ( opt to fry in vegetable oil ).

crush your peppers and onions in a food processor , In a hot span , add your oil and allow to heat up a little , add some chopped onions and allow to fry for 1 min , after that pour in your Peppers , add some seasoning , pinch of dried Prawns and allow to fry for 4 Mins , Add dried chicken and allow to fry in sauce for 5-7 Mins.

Enjoy this with some Fried Rice , Couscous or cauliflower mash like me .




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